Who we are.

The small/family business.

We have worked with a range of small/family businesses, providing support to get the right marketing implemented within small budgets & limited resource.

The larger corporation.

Our corporate experience means we understand the competitive environment you may be within & the need to get tactical activity planned & delivered quickly & effectively.

Marketing to customers.

We know how to talk to the customer. We challenge every decision, linking it back to your customers - who are they & what can you do for them?

Marketing to businesses.

B2B marketing comes from an angle of service, commercial value, education & support. The value needs to be shown throughout all your activity - we can help deliver!

Hello there!

Hello Marketing has been created to simply help businesses. Marketing is a passion that we have been involved in for our whole career, and we’ve experienced a lot along the way!

Our experience lies within creating a uniformed marketing approach across all your activity – we don’t specialise in one area but we do specialise in looking at the whole.


No part of marketing should ever be standalone, all should work together, consistently and on brand. That’s what we do. We work closely with you to get under the skin of your business and ensure all your customer touch points are being maximised effectively. Even if you only want us to look at one element, such as your email activity, we will still ask questions about your other marketing so we can ensure your emails fit in appropriately.


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"Hello Marketing has been created from the desire to help businesses get closer to their customers, grow their business and create strong brands. Our experience has taught us that clear, consistent and regular marketing will help a business get more from their customers and grow efficiently. We're here to help provide the clarity in marketing in a simple, no-fuss manner."

Emma Lowe, Founder — Hello Marketing

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