A few case studies…

Clever Lending – Specialist Lending Master Broker.



To launch Clever Lending as a new business into the specialist lending sector.



To establish and implement a viable marketing plan and brand.

In 2014 Clever Lending was created with the intention of becoming a recognised player in the specialist lending sector as a Master Broker. This niche industry is a growing one with numerous new and established competitors, therefore it was important for Clever Lending to hit the ground running and gain awareness amongst the ley decision makers early on.

A marketing plan was created which included the following areas:

  • Proposition
  • Brand evolution
  • Marketing objectives
  • Channels of activity
  • Acquisition/retention plans
  • Budgets
  • KPI goals


Clever Lending was officially launched via a sponsorship of a major industry award event attended by competitors, industry leaders and our key target audience. Then the marketing plan was formally implemented across a range of activity, with the creation of a website, advertising and creating awareness, attending industry events, targeted email activity, blogs, social media and press.

Support was provided to the sales team with the development of a range of brochures, leaflets, guides and sales aids.



Over a 3 year period the brand evolved, activity was targeted and Clever Lending has become a recognised key player, achieving nominations & successes for multiple awards whilst increasing their broker database significantly. They continually strive to strengthen their proposition further through product and service enhancements, becoming a source of expert support for their broker market and their clients.

Papershrink – digital paperless business solutions.



Develop a clear product proposition and Marketing strategy to define the customer offering.



Hello Marketing were requested to come into Papershrink to help them establish a clear product proposition for their target markets and create a strategy to focus on.

Meetings were held with key stakeholders to better understand the internal view versus the commercial objectives of the business. A SWOT analysis was conducted and discussions were held to identify a clear product hierarchy for focusing on.


A strategy document was created which focused on the following:

Business objectives


Target market

Customer needs

Product propositions

Key messages


Through a number of discussions the products were re-positioned in terms of their customer solutions and what needs they fulfill. Then key target market were identified to focus on for initial activity.

The change to the proposition and the message required for the website to be reviewed and recommendations were made to Papershrink regarding the approach for the website. To support this an email plan was also created to support their main marketing channel, and the plan consisted of covering a range of topics and product information to different data sets.



A redefined proposition and messaging approach was agreed by the board of the business, with an implementation plan for changes to the company website, a new focus on their email activity and suggested new campaign activity.

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