Audits & Advice.

Need a fresh opinion on your marketing activity or would like a review of what you do (or don’t do)?


We work with businesses to assess what marketing they are currently doing and how to make it work better. We can come in and review all your marketing, from your website, to your social media to your sales collateral and provide a holistic view as to where changes could be made, where new opportunities may lie and what needs to be reassessed.

Our experience means we have worked with many different businesses at different stages in their life-cycle, from newly fledged businesses to family businesses that have been around for many years. More often than not a fresh look and approach can reinvigorate your activity and provide a clear direction in which to head.


Lets Measure.


We’ll use stats and KPI’s to help make an informed decision, as well as looking at your competitors and general industry activity to assess where you sit and what needs to be changed or implemented – or stopped.

All elements and considerations will be pulled together to provide you with a Recommendation Document as to what options you have and next steps. It’s then up to you as to how far you wish to go.


Just starting up?


We have also worked with new start-ups just launching their business to market. We can help assess the marketplace, where you should be positioned amongst your competitors, what your key proposition is and how best to get you launched inline with your objectives.

We know budgets are often tight to begin with, so we won’t give unrealistic advice, but honest straightforward thoughts with the long-term in mind. We’ll help you build a marketing platform you can grow and be proud of!

A flexible service.

We understand every business is different. From your products and services, to your audience, your messages and your objectives. But we are skilled in getting to grips with a business quickly in order to effectively assess your marketing needs.


We’ll work closely with you and your teams to make sure we assess your marketing within your wider business needs. Your finance team, sales team, Ops team all need to link into marketing and we understand this and how to do it. Your internal marketing is just as important as your external marketing.


Make use of our experience and get a FREE marketing consultation (1 hour session)!


For a bespoke service that works to your business needs and provides transparent and honest advice then just say Hello!

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