Your Brand approach.

Your brand is what your customers will relate to, it is more than just a logo. It’s your identity, your meaning, your message and what your business stands for. It’s also an asset within your business – a strong and trusted brand with a good reputation will add viable financial equity to your business.


Building a brand is a process that will take time and needs to be a key consideration in your marketing. You can get your logo and identity out there fairly quickly, but for customers to identify with this can take time – you need to commitment to building your brand for the long-haul!


Hello have experience in creating brands from the very beginning for new businesses through to re-evaluating a brand strategy and creating a new brand approach, making sure your brand clearly encapsulates what your business does for your customer and communicates this effectively.

Brand Elements.

There are a number of elements to consider as part of your brand, but you should focus on establishing those of priority first.


The way people recognise your brand, through either a logo or associated visual.


The idea that people have in their minds & what they expect from your brand.


Where your product sits amongst your competitors & who you are targeting.


The emotional or personal qualities that people associate with your brand.


The financial value & strategic benefits of your brand that provides equity.


What your customer experiences whilst using your brand, from the purchase through to the use of your product.


How do you stand out, and what makes you different amongst competitors? How do you remain different?


What message does your brand deliver through your advertising channels & does it deliver your core values?


What your brand promises versus what it actually delivers. This gap should be minimal, don't over promise & under deliver.


Create a lasting impression.

At Hello we understand how your brand should work within your wider marketing approach. It can look great but if you’re brand doesn’t appeal to the right audience then what’s the point.


We work with you to ensure your brand touches every part of your marketing successfully and is clear in its identity. We work with creative teams to ensure the end vision is kept in mind and successfully delivered in an effective way.

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