Marketing Activity.

Marketing activity refers to everything you do to market your business and brand. What we do is help you ensure all that activity works together, tells your story and supports the growth of your business.  It’s important that the marketing activity you do is relevant to your target audience. There’s no point in doing something because you think you have to, believe it or not but not every business should be on social media!


Your marketing activity should consider the following:


  • Where is your audience – they are not all in one place at the same time.
  • How does your audience like to interact? Some like social media, some prefer emails, others may prefer videos.
  • What are the different messages you have to say? One message may be best in an email, whilst another may be best in a video.
  • What is your activity asking people to do? What is your call to action and are they all different or consistent?
  • Does your social media activity fit with your emails? Do your emails fit with your website? Does your advertising reflect your brand?


The different activity you do, what it says and how it all fits together is how strength in your marketing is formed. It all impacts each other, supports each other and engages with your audience on different levels.

How Hello can help your business…

  • We’ll help identify what activity is right for your products and services.
  • We’ll look at when is the best time to do different activity.
  • We can manage the full end-to-end process from the planning, to briefing media agencies, to implementing the activity on time and within budget.
  • We’ll deliver activity that drives business, increases awareness and meets your goals.

What Marketing Activity do you need help with?

  1. Advertising campaigns
  2. Social Media activity (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Online/digital activity
  5. Industry Events planning – find out more here
  6. Sponsorship activity
  7. Press campaigns
  8. New product to market launches
  9. Multi channel campaigns (mix of above)
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Activity with a focus

At Hello we understand the need to be seen by customers but how that must be managed most often with budget and resource constraints. We will never recommend something without a good reason, we will work to a budget and we will deliver on time.

Your marketing activity is reflective of who you are as a business and we ensure this remains throughout all you do with a strong focus, keeping a tight reign on all aspects.

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