Strategy & Proposition.

At Hello we don’t pre-judge your business. We like to find out as much as we can about your business so we can help you get a solid marketing platform in place and the first crucial element of this is your Marketing Strategy.


Why do you need a Marketing Strategy?


  • A strategy will combine all your marketing goals into one plan – and will make sure your marketing goals are aligned to your wider business goals.
  • It’s a game plan – to reach the people relevant for your product or service and turn them into customers, and then keep them coming back for more.
  • Your strategy provides the top level focus from which you will then develop your marketing plan(s).


In order to ensure we provide the right strategic input we like to work closely with you and relevant members of your business so we can understand your goals, your products and services and your target market.

We will then develop a strategy document that will encapsulate the key areas of your marketing from your target market, your proposition, market positioning, and messaging.


Things change


A business never stays still, most are always looking at ways to evolve and progress. Your strategy will help keep focus but should be updated and amended inline with business changes, your competitor activity, performance results and changing commercial results.


What do we mean by Proposition?


This is all about defining who you are, what you do and who for – and making sure it’s all communicated in a simple and effective way. Essentially it’s a value statement that underpins your brand messaging to new and existing customers.


We work with you to define your proposition by asking questions and lots of them!


Marketing clarity

Providing clarity.

At Hello we believe that if you have a clear strategy in place, your marketing activity will benefit. You will have a consistent approach, a clear vision and an agreed understanding of what you are looking to achieve.


Providing clarity in your marketing approach will not only better engagement with your customers but will create a better understanding within your business as well – so everyone is heading in the same direction with a clear focus!

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