Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

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There are many do’s and don’t’s to social media, and below I have highlighted some key ones if you are unsure of how to get the best out of social media in your business:


Social Media Don’ts


Don’t do it for the sake of it

Don’t just get your business on social media because you think you have to. Consider what industry you are in, and where your audience is you wish to engage with. Plus remember not all social platforms are suitable for your business, do your research!


Don’t just post

Don’t just pop on a post. Think about what you want to say and what response you are looking for. Remember everything you put there is reflective of your business and helps create your brand presence.


Don’t write too much

Keep to the point, be clear and don’t waffle, people rarely have the time or inclination to read lots of information – especially if they are not fully engaged with your brand.


Don’t post the same thing on every platform

A post on Facebook will not work in the same way on Instagram or Twitter. They all work in different ways, attracting people in different ways and your posts need to be on-board with that.


Don’t like your own content

There’s no need to do this and it reflects poorly, but you can share your business posts on your personal pages.


Don’t delete customer comments

This gives a poor reflection on how your handle customers and your level of customer service. Show you respond accordingly and respect what customers have to say.


Don’t sacrifice quality over quantity

The quality of what you say is essential. It not only needs to be pertinent to your business and audience, but also fresh. The algorithms of each platform will soon pick up if you are repeating messages or saying something that is not relevant to your page – and they look at it dimly.


Don’t forget to check your posts before you put them live

Give your posts a second look to make sure they are error-free and are giving the right message. Any spelling errors or something which cause confusion can turn people off.


Don’t forget to try going live

Going live, especially on Facebook and Instagram can create great engagement and make you much more visible to your potential audience. Just make sure you have something informative to say, don’t do it for the sake of it – it still needs to be relevant.


Don’t be too personal in your posts and responses

When managing your business pages then try to avoid getting too personal (unless you are your business product).

Don’t forget to share testimonials

Be proud of the great testimonials you get and share these, people trust what others say, even if they don’t know them! It helps create credibility and trust.


Social Media Do’s


Do be aware of what’s happening in the news

Be aware of wider news, is it appropriate to be posting about a certain subject or could it be seen to be insensitive, Just be aware of what’s else is going on and the possible perception of your post.


Do create a social media plan

Plan ahead as to the key messages you want to get out there, and how. Will they link to a blog or will you do a video. Mix it with being reactive to what’s happening there and then.


Do measure your activity

Measure you progress, your followers, engagement, shares etc. overtime you will build up a picture of what performs well and what doesn’t and can change your tactics and messages accordingly.


Do start the conversation

Start a conversation, ask a question, and get opinions and thoughts. Use the platforms to do a little research from your audience base.


Do post about you/your team

Introduce the world to yourself and your team, people like to know there is a real person behind it all who knows what they are doing and are expert in their field, show this.


Do be visual – images/videos

Use different visual techniques. Social media is a visual marketing tool and you have to grab people’s attention very quickly. Get creative!


Do link it to your broader marketing objectives

Keep in mind how social media fits within your wider marketing plan. If you are running a campaign on your website, reflect this on social media – make sure it all joins up.


Do respond to your messages

Respond to your messages. Not only do the social platforms view this favourably but you its respectful to take the time for this and shows your business ethics.


Do post at appropriate times

Post when your audience is most likely to be online. This is generally morning, lunch and evening, but Sundays evenings are also very busy.


Do be consistent

Post regularly on all your channels – once a day if you can. Consistency is key for building your follower base and creating momentum.


Do use hashtags and tag people/businesses

Do a bit of research around hashtags relevant to your business but also those that are banned (particularly on Instagram) you may be surprised. Hashtags are how more and more people are finding social media accounts that are relevant to their interests.

Tag people and businesses into your posts if you have had a meeting with them, are using their product etc


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